Mystery books

Mystery books

Mystery genre has been an entertainment source for centuries and the human desire for solving puzzles seem to be as old as we are. There are a few better ways of passing time than reading a good mystery novel, infusing your mind in a fictive world of mysteries, secrets, often murders and questions. Great choice as an evening read, vacation book or commute read, mystery books will always provide a good fun while keeping you immersed in the book-world, forgetting the world around you. If you are new to the genre, you should know that there are many different subgenres in the mystery world, and we will discuss some of them here to help you choose the one for you.

Detective mysteries

sherlock-holmes-sir-arthur-conan-doyleThis type of mystery books popularized the genre, with the famous detective novels like Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle from te19th century. These are not the first detective novels, by far, but they are certainly the most popular ones. Intensively popular in the 20th century, detective books started a film noir genre which is one of the major movie genres of the century. They concentrate on the mystery factor of criminal activities and the puzzles the investigator solves in order to solve the crime, usually a murder.

Fantastic mysteries

Fantasy is a popular book genre and the possibility of strange new worlds is something that easily occupies human mind. These books will take you into new dimensions, made up worlds with specific rules and out of this world experiences. Fantasy mysteries will tickle your imagination, stretching the horizons to the new lengths and providing a great escape from an everyday world allowing you to lose yourself in a fictional world that a writer created for you.Famous-Fantastic-Mysteries-October-1950

Paranormal mysteries

6d8a03_428b0947dfe145c3b4709f10ec6f3df6Set in the real world, with a pinch of fantasy, paranormal mysteries will allow you to ask some strange questions. The fact that they are presented as everyday situations, the line between the real and surreal is blurred and you will be on the edge of your chair while reading these stories since the fantastic element set in a real world is so believable that you will often forget that you are reading a fantasy. These books will provide you with a lot of fun, showing you scenarios that are seemingly possible in the everyday life and you might end up looking for aliens, ghosts and paranormal activities all around you after reading a few books from the genre.

Children mysteries

Children audience should not be denied of mysteries, they should be encouraged to read them! Involving children in this genre is advisable, since it develops their minds and reading habits. The strong force that connects the reader to the book is easily seen in mystery type novels and children should be encouraged to read them since it will develop their reading habits, imagination and logic.

There are many good children fantasies but you should make sure that the book you chose for your loved ones is suitable for their age.

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